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Upcoming conference “Science and Values: naturalistic and constructivistic approaches”

Research team of the VESHOD project is organizing a conference under the title Science and Values: naturalistic and constructivistic approaches. The conference will be held during may 4. – 5.  2017.  The theme of this conference is naturalism and social constructivism in both contemporary and past philosophy, with focus on the problem of scientific knowledge, morality, and their relationship. Naturalism and social contructivism are global philosophical strategies which permeate theoretical and practical philosophy. Ontological and methodological naturalism are relevant in metaphysics and philosophy of science and are inspired by the methods of natural sciences. They are defined in contrast with philosophy understood as an a priori theorizing , irationalism, mysticism and subjectivism. In epistemology, there is a discussion concerning the program of naturalized epistemology, while in philosophy of mind naturalism functions as a counterweight to different forms of dualism and supernaturalism. Naturalistic approaches in practical philosophy (ethics and social and political philosophy) apply to such topics as moral relativism, cognitivism, iusnaturalism vs legal positivism, and the relationship of science and morality (in particular within bioethical debates). Social constructivism, like naturalism, permeates all of these fields. But since social constructivism is inclined towards historism, relativism and antireductionism, it is often viewed as an antithesis or alternative to naturalism and scientism. The goal of this conference will be to examine and mutually confront naturalistic and constructivistic approaches in the mentioned fields of enquiry.